TST  Multisport 

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Triathlon Coaching 

Join TST for Triathlon Coaching Service for all athletes.


The price for this program is $300/month. We do not require an athlete to commit to several months at a time.

If you are interested in this plan but don't need everything that is included, adjustments can be made to the plan along with pricing- For more information please Contact Us.
Multisport coaching includes all of the following:

Training schedule- Personalized weekly training schedule which can be revised as needed. 
The schedule will be on Todays Plan before the start of each week. Each athlete will be able to create a Todays Plan account and will be able to access the plan via the Todays plan website.

Email/Phone Contact- Daily correspondence.

Data Review- Daily analysis of workout files (power, heart rate, elevation, etc.) 


Nutrition Program- as needed by the athlete 

Race Schedule Planning- Review and planning for each race season

Race Day Logistical Planning- Provided for all races. Race day planning, including, but not limited to:  pre-race warm up, race tactics, individualized race day nutrition & hydration strategy, individualized pacing strategy (power, pace and/or heart rate), etc.

*Private Training/Testing Sessions- Additional Fee ($50 hourly rate)