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Elite Development Tri Team

TST Perform 

Justin Knasel

Nearly quit sprint and olympic distance triathlon, decided to rip a 70.3 distance, raced at worlds, and currently has a one-way ticket on the 'gains train'!

Cycling Team

TST Perform

Jason Quinn

Local master, aged buffoon, and has-been super cyclist, moonlights as mediocre and aging Cat 3. 

Isaac Young

Outside of this incredibly immersing hobby, I'm a biochem PhD student planning to graduate in May 2021. I enjoy reading, computer programming/gaming, board games, and learning portuguese when I have spare time. 

Trevor Arunsiripate

A student of Veterinary Medicine who is also a competitive cyclist. Uses explosive power to get the best results in bunch finishes.

Cycling Team 

TST Perform 

Seamus O'connor Walker

College student and bike mechanic trying to race and ride bikes as much as possible (preferably on the dirt). 

Melissa Teeple 


Matt Denis

Former baseball player and current cat 2 roadie. Training to quench competitive thirst and find the edge.