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Sample Strength Workout

Posted on February 8, 2021 at 4:05 PM

So you have decided to get in the gym and lift some weights… but where should you start?!


Strength training in general can be an intimidating prospect for endurance athletes. It takes you out of your comfort zone, and throws you into the world of barbells, protein powder, and muscle tanks. Don’t let the initial hesitation stop you from following through on something that will have a massive impact on your athletic performance, along with general well-being.


Having a coach or personal trainer is certainly a great option to get started in the gym with strength training. However, I know it is not feasible for many people.


My goal with this blog post is to give you an example workout that you can do as an introduction to strength work. Please be mindful throughout each exercise if you choose to give it a try.


Feel free to put this session in to your training plan twice a week (can be 3 depending on time of year and type of athlete). It is best to put this workout on a quality day as the last session of the day.


Sample Workout:


For your first few sessions focus on getting the correct movement of each exercise with low weight and higher reps. (You’re an endurance athlete. Not a powerlifter) Once you’re familiar with the routine and confident/comfortable with the exercises, begin progressing the weight each session and reduce the reps.


Allow 30-60 seconds rest between sets.. allow for more rest between exercises


Don’t be afraid to look on youtube for videos on proper form/technique…or feel free to consult in a coach


Warm up:


Ez 5min jog/5min spin/ or jump rope


1: Squats 3-4x12-15 reps with bar only or very light weight.


2: Deadlift 3-4x10-12 reps with bar only or very light weight. Get the movements correct, be careful of putting tension on your back


3: Lunges with kettle bell or dumbbell 3x10 reps each leg with light kettle bell or dumbbell (KB)


4: Deadbugs (Core): work up to 2-3x50 reps


5: Lunge with dumbbell overhead press-work up to 2-3x8 reps each leg: light dumbbells or start with having your arms stay overhead


6: Box Jumps-- 4x6 nothing extremely high and have a controlled landing on and off the box--POWERFUL


7: Russian Twists (Core)--3x15 with plate or med ball


This is by no means a one size fits all approach. Some athletes will certainly need more, some will need less.


This is a great session to get you started and experiment with, you will touch on a bit of everything and get a good sample of what a strength session looks like and consists of.


If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out.


Also have a look in the “Free Training Plans” tab for a 10 week strength build for cyclists!


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