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10K & Half Marathon: The Swiss Army Knives of Run Training

Posted on March 9, 2021 at 9:10 PM

One of Coach Miles’ core beliefs when it comes to run training is that 10K or half marathon training are very similar and can provide you with a solid foundation for going up or down in race distance.


Why is that a relevant thought for right now?


Well, it’s relevant because races are slowly beginning to pop up on the calendar, but they are still overshadowed by a cloud of uncertainty. That being said, consistently training as though you were preparing for an upcoming 10K or half marathon can have you ready to adapt your training to any distance that might pop up on the calendar. That is, unless it’s a half or 10K. Then you simply carry on.


Why is 10K or Half Marathon Training so adaptable?


Great question. Training for these 2 distances complement each other well because they each, usually, involve increased aerobic volume, threshold work, and tempo work. The increase in volume you receive from your long runs as well as longer supporting aerobic runs, can easily be transferred into a marathon training plan. Along with the increase in volume, the threshold and tempo work done in 10K and half marathon plans can serve as a great base for more speedwork and focus for 5K’s or shorter distances.

So, coming out of a 10K of half marathon focus, you can increase your long runs and add in some specific pace work if you’re shifting to a marathon plan. Or you can trade one of your tempo workouts for more speed specific work if you’re shifting to 5K or shorter. The 10K or Half marathon plan is the Swiss Army Knife of running plans.


That being said, we’ll be dropping a FREE 10K training plan on the TST Perform website this weekend! The plan will also include notes on how to convert the 10K plan into a Half marathon version. Thank you for reading and happy training!


Your friends at TST Perform,


Eric and Miles.


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