TST  Multisport 

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Team Accomplishments 

2019 Athlete Highlights

3--Overall Victories

25--Podium Finishes

1-- 70.3 Worlds Qualification 

3 Individuals with USA Cycling Category Upgrades


USAC Cyclocross U23 Nationals Competitor

20 overall Victories 

2x Pro Card Qualification 

IA state TT champion

2nd Sarasota Draft Legal Nationals  

Draft Legal Triathlon AG World Championships Qualification 

2X Draft Legal Duathlon AG World Championships Qualification 

Non-Draft Sprint Duathlon AG National Champion

Non-Draft Sprint Duathlon Worlds Qualification

Aquathon AG Worlds Qualification 

First time half marathon finisher. 

2X 70.3 Worlds Qualifiers 

2x AG world olympic non-draft qualification